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Updated 5-21-21

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All of my mounts require a 50% deposit payment when the trophy is brought in and the balance is due upon completion of the mount.  You may pay via bank or credit card, safely and securely, using the Paypal button on this page.  Select the option you want to use and then click on the 'Pay Now' button.  If the option you want is not listed, you can send any amount to my email address (whitetail.marlon@gmail.com) once you log in to the Paypal site (paypal.com).  Please call with any questions.  Thank You.

Below I have listed some of the prices for most of the popular types of mounts that I do.  If you need a price for something that is not listed, please give me a call at 219-869-1517


Deer Mounts:

All my prices have increased for 2021-22 to reflect the increase from my suppliers, tanning and shipping etc. 

Thank you for your understanding and your patronage.  

  Open mouth, pedestal (wall or table style), added habitat and other custom shoulder mounts are extra.

Standard buck shoulder mounts are $530

Standard doe shoulder mounts are $450

European deer skull mounts are $90    Plagues are extra.

A 50% deposit payment is required when the trophy is brought in and the balance is due upon completion.

Please call about specialty mounts such as open mouth, pedestal, half and full body mounts etc. 

*Please call for pricing on all other species of Big Game Shoulder Mounts.  

Custom commercial tanning is available for all animal furs,hides and pelts.  (hair on or off). Please call for pricing.

Please Note:  The Covid crisis did affect my tanning turnaround time for this past season.  My tannery is located in Mi. and the governor there had them shut down for awhile.  They are back in production now, but they are still experiencing down times from continued covid restrictions in their state.  Turnaround times are are still slow for their regular tanning process and they dont see a improvememnt in the near future.  With that said, I urge all my customers to please use the RUSH service that is offered through my tannery.  It costs more, but you will get your mount back much sooner.  Their rush service has top priority over standard tanning.  If you have any questions, please call me.  219-869-1517  

Projected turn around time is approx. 12 months for most big game mounts using the standard commercial tanning service time frame.  The Rush service is expedited to less than half the time.  It is an additional $80, but your mount can be completed in approx. 6 months or less. 

Most European skull mounts are completed in 3-6 mos

Please call with questions or concerns about the care of your trophy after the hunt and before you bring it in. Thank You.

*Current special pricing for basic standing and flying mounts is $650.

Strutting, gobbling, half strut, and other special poses range from $750- $850, depending on types of bases, habitats etc.  Please note: $650 price does include a basic base but premium bases and various habitats do cost extra. 

Freeze dried turkey heads are the most natural looking and the ones I use.  They do cost a little more than artificial acrylic heads, but with all the natural hair like feathers and natural skin, they look the most life like.

Tail/beard plague mounts are $150-$200 depending on type of plagues used.

Head, breast, tail and beard combination mounts vary in price from $350-$400 depending on plagues and habitats used.

Most turkey mounts are completed in approx.6 mos.

Please call with any questions about how to care for your trophy bird before you bring it in.  Thank You.




Turkey Mounts:

Small Game/Uplands Bird Mounts:

Small games animal mounts vary in price depending on the animal species and the pose etc.  Please give me a call if you have a small game animal that you wish to have mounted.

Upland birds such as Pheasants, quail, chuckar, grouse etc. vary in price depending on pose, base, habitat etc.  Please give me a call for detailed picing.  Thank you.

Commercial tanning is also available for all small game animal furs.  If you need soft hide tanning done for that coyote, fox, raccoon, mink, weasel etc., please call for pricing. 

Most small game animal and upland bird mounts are completed in 6 mos. or less depending on the species etc.

Turn around time on commercial tanning varies, depending of species and type of tanning service, regular or rush.  Thank you.

The most popular and most affordable type of fish mounting process is the skin mount and I am continuing my special low sale price of $6.00 per inch, which includes most freshwater species. The inch measurement is taken from the front of closed mouth to end of tail and the girth measurement around the fish's belly.The length and girth measurements are added to get the overall inches.  This sale price excludes Crappie and White Bass species which remain at my regular price of $6.50 per inch.

Note: I have a $150 min. on all fish mounts.  

Fresh water oily species such as salmon and trout, and most of the larger fresh and salt water species are best done as fiberglass reproductions. Reproductions are also a good option for the catch and release enthusiast. Please remember to take photos and if possible ,measure the length and girth of the fish before returning it to the water. Fiberglass reproductions vary in price depending on the species and length etc., so please call for pricing. 

All habitats or bases are extra.  If you have a piece of driftwood that you want the fish mounted on, I can do that at no extra charge.  If I have to furnish the driftwood, there is an extra charge. Thank you.  


Fish Mounts:         Sale Pricing

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