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Updated 5-21-21


"Here are some photos of the spectacular mounts that you have done for me.  Just another testament to your fine, articulate work.  The details in all three mounts are super amazing and I look at them all the time and recall that special moment in the field.  I thank you for putting the extra work into each one to bring out the details and I appreciate your amazing artistic ability."

Thanks again- Andy Hrivnak


"My dad and I both had our deer mounted by Whitetail Creations and they still look like they did the day we saw them."

Marlon you do great work :)— Darin Croft


"Very pleased with the mount you did for me this past year!  Hopefully I will have a trophy walleye to bring to you from Canada this year and another whitetail from southern Indiana." 

Keep up the good work!— Tim VIer

I have a deep commitment to quality service and a passion for excellence.  As a hunter myself, I know how important your trophy is, no matter how big or small.  All my work is done using the highest quality forms and materials available today and all my capes and hides are commerially tanned using the latest in technology to insure a long lasting and beautifully finished mount.

Like a fine hand crafted work of art, I take great personal pride in each mount that leaves my shop and I feel very confident in knowing that you will also be proud to display your trophy for all to see, for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site.  I hope you enjoy the site and I hope that you will consider choosing me as your taxidermist when you take your trophy buck, turkey or other wild game this season.  Also when you reel in that trophy fish, let me prepare it...for the wall.  Thanks!


"I strive to always do the best work that I can and try to create mounts that I am personally pleased with.  I know that if I would be happy to display the mount in my home, you would also love to have it adorn your trophy room or den.  I look forward to the opportunity of becoming your taxidermist and I promise you will not be disappointed." - Marlon Slayton

"Marlon has done all of my mounts and I have a museum at this point.  Great guy and outstanding work!  My kids think a lot of him and all the memories he has made come to life."

Thank you.- Kevin Deyoung

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